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The Tradin’ Post has but one goal; to put sellers and buyers in contact with each other.  This site and the Kishwaukee Valley Regulators charges no commissions or fees of any kind for any sale of firearms or any other goods.  The KVR will also not arbitrate any disputes between buyers and sellers.  We like to think all the cowboys and cowgirls we’re associated with are plain and simply good ol’ boys and gals.  Everyone is on their honor.


So break out those chaps you’ve never worn, the gun belt that seems to have shrunk a little, any guns you never shoot and anything else layin’ around that someone else wants really bad and you want to turn it into cash.  Or maybe you can arrange a trade for that ten gallon hat with the bullet hole you’ve been wanting for so long.  Buy, sell or trade but don’t take any wooden nickels!

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"Life is tough.  It’s even tougher if
you’re stupid."   - John Wayne